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I'm not sure if that goes for gay dating as well, but in Germany it's usually assumed that you're exclusive unless specifically stated. From what I've read it seems to be the other way around in the US. Of course there are rules, you just don't know them because you consider them normal.

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That's how culture works. Well, yeah, I'm sure there are do's and dont's, like with any human interation. But fixed rules, like "ask them out", "don't kiss on the first date", "third date ends in sex", "guy has to pay for everything" - we don't really have anything like that. In my experience not really, until you have "the talk" where the question "sind wir zusammen? Which is a terrible and fairly new addition to the game.

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It used to be different until recently. The damn millennials made it complicated.

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In my experience "sind wir zusammen? But I guess as with everything it depends on age, occassion and social circle. I had the "where do you wanna go with this" talk with a German guy I was once seeing. He was honest, said he liked us being friends and didn't want to taint it with any fwb or sexual stuff.

He's my best friend now lol. In my experience, it's still really frowned upon to seriously date more than one person at a time, even before you're actually together. Then finally sleep with each other. Apps for this: It's perfectly ok to look for people interested in a longterm relationship on gayromeo and not have a sexdate first. Lol and I did basically a mixture of both- contact over grindr and went with the date.

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  5. I guess I'll see where it goes. I guess it all depends on the mood: Since this is not America there are no American rules - thanks for that ;- As long as you don't drop your pants in public anything goes.

    Like it. Thats what shrubbery is planted for everywhere. Be aware of Brennessel patches tough, you dont want that touching your gentleman or lady parts. Understandable, but I'm in Germany, and I should follow and respect the cultural norms of the Germans. I want to show how much I respect but how much German guys turn me on ;. First you need form 18b "Allgemeine Kusserlaubnis" from the Gesundheitsamt. Then you need to register as gay at the Standesamt.

    We do actually. That's why I thought I should ask about it. I know we're properly registered at the Wasserversorgungsgemeindeforen, but it never really occurred me that we never get invited. I did get a very nice birthday present last year from the lesbian couple next door, but I don't think they understood when I said, "for my birthday, I wanna watch".

    I guess I should have been more specific, as in "I want to watch". Ah well, maybe next year. As a gay, who lived in the states and in germany, i can promise you, that there is no way to prepare.

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    Be as open as you are comfy with your hopes and expectations and hope your date does the same. If you feel scared or pressured, consider the possibility that the other guy is just not the type you want. In any case be safe and sober stay away from chem-sex Have fun! There aren't any real don't's in public spaces. But it may happen that germans may seem like staring at you. Non-germans often get this feeling. The truth is that our eye contacts take a little bit longer especially if there are interesting things to see.

    It is no need to get offended in any way. The only exclusion is that eating each other in a restaurant may be annoying to other guests. Normal kisses are okay, but no french kisses and petting. Hello, let me introduce myself. I can recive or I am open minded fisting top vers, very sexual Guy here from mild to wild Black stud Holland base but move around European union region holla for qua Relax,witness it,flow wi Prague, Czech Republic Age:.

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