How to have gay sex with a dog

You're welcome and thank you for the cool points. I plan to redeem them for a plush toy for my pooch Presto in the image of that clueless crackpot who wrote in about humping his canine. I sometimes hump my dog with my clothes off, and I hump him with lubricants on my penis and on his stomeach and penis, I do it because his penis is hard and his skin is hot. Can I get HIV doing this. But you can get alot of other things In fact, is that the SPCA knocking at your door? If not.

I'm sure they soon will be. I'm forwarding your e-mail to them. My dog is friendly and scratches my nieghbors legs to get his attention. The problem is when he doesnt pay attention to her, she runs right over to me and scratches my legs. Can hiv be transmitted this way? Im just worried that blood gets on my dogs nails when she scratches him then its goes into my system when she scratches me. Ive donated to you foundation before when i learned about it when I was in San Fran, and Ill do so again.

HIV via canine scratch? HIV is not transmitted this way. So let Toto play with your neighbor and vice versa , OK? Thanks for your donation www. Have you been listening to those rightwing wing-nuts who claim being gay is a slippery slope to bestiality, pedophilia and devil worship?

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I think the dog may have bit you because it wanted you to turn off the Fox News Channel. Now tell us, is it really true what they say about straight guys and gerbils? I enjoy having oral sex with our family dog sucking his penis until he ejaculates in my mouth while my husband films it. Is there any physical danger to this type of oral sex? You give Cujo a hummer until you get a mouth full of canine cum while your hubby films the festivities???

I'll bet you'll be quite famous once your video hits Doggie YouTube. No, Toto is not at risk. That said, I don't approve of your latest pet "trick" so to speak. Even if you can convince Toto to give you a whipped cream hummer without worries of his becoming HIV infected, you have other worries to consider:. You could contract a canine disease if he's carrying something.

After all, dogs can lick their own dick and balls, not to mention all sorts of other stuff. You might turn your dog gay. This may be OK if he's a poodle or Chihuahua or something like that, but if he's a German shepherd or Great Dane, he could have troubles if word gets out at the dog park. Finally, if you are resorting to canine tongue for your sexual gratification, you definitely need to get out more.

Sure, dogs are wonderful and all, but boyfriends are oh so much better when it comes to getting the whipped cream off your joystick. You bit your Chihuahua? Now there's a twist on a familiar theme. Relax sweetie, your little schnookerdoodle has not been harmed.

Homosexual behavior in animals - Wikipedia

Humans cannot transmit HIV to their pets. One thing that's for certain: Believe it or not, you are not the first person to ask me this question. My response remains unchanged. Well it has to do with the "H" in HIV. Dogs cant get it, because they are not human, although my pooch thinks he is. Basically, many diseases are species-specific.

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Can Dogs Be Gay? Well, Yes and No…

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It is not a substitute for professional care. Knowing why your pooch is doing this can help alleviate awkward situations, help you understand your dog better, and even be a conversation starter!

Sex, Pseudo-Sex and Psychology

We attribute a lot of human qualities to our canine friends, causing people to wonder — can my dog be gay? Dogs live unconstrained by internal or external, for that matter conflicts about their sexuality. They like what they like — no big deal. But are these same-sex scenarios nothing more than hormones run wild, or do they actually represent homosexual behavior and imply that such dogs are gay?

Dogs do what they want, when they want, and are presumably unconstrained by the internal conflicts that often plague humans. Sometimes their sexual advances even extend to other species, as countless cats , stuffed animals and human legs can attest. Some dogs hump things as a form of play, while others do so when they are anxious. To humans, humping in public is considered a big no-no. So when our dogs start mounting each other in public, it can cause us to feel embarrassed and confused about why our beloved fur babies are engaging in such uncouth behavior.

Homosexuality in the Animal Kingdom

For dogs, mounting can be done for a variety of reasons. Through different types of play and body language, dogs use non-verbal actions to communicate. Here are several reasons your dog may be humping other dogs: Given the many varied reasons that dogs hump one another, and the fundamental differences between the brains of humans and those of dogs, it is important to avoid drawing conclusions about their motivations — particularly when it involves such nebulous concepts as sexual identity.

Speculating about the motivations of dogs usually involves anthropomorphic thinking, a term used to describe the attribution of human emotions to a non-human entity.

Homosexual behavior in animals

One day they may be attracted to dogs of the opposite sex, before feeling attracted to dogs of the same sex the next day. They may even wander about the park, canoodling with one dog after another, with no regard to sex. Females sometimes assume the dominant role when engaging in breeding-like activity with other females, and males may assume submissive roles when engaging in such activities with other males.

Gay Monkey Mating - Dog Stucks Together - Sexual Male Monkeys(new)

And the gender roles are equally flexible between same-sex couples. Beetles , fruit flies , several species of fish and a handful of lizards have all been documented having sex with other members of the same sex. But these animals rarely form long-term bonds , and tend to have short relationships with their partners.

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