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Some of the biggest queers I know are straight women. And D'Elited D. I've been out since the 70s, and I've always had a mix of gay and straight friends. Most of the gay men I know would say the same.

Well, they may not have been out since the 70s. But I don't hang out in Boystown, and I never was much of a bar queen.

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If you want to open a business for "straight-acting" gays, be aware that it will probably either eventually be taken over by queeny gays, or it will fail. All the queeny gays will be looking for those straight-acting queens, and the straight actors will all go away. Which doesn't mean it can't be a great place all the same. One of the reasons you got snarky replies is that your message came across as saying 1 where is a non-gay place where I can 2 meet men for gay sex.

Josh's suggestion of non-bar orgs is a good one.

If you want less sceney bars, pick up one of the gay rags and find a place that isn't on Halsted Street. You may be surprised by what you find. Ah, the irony of the OP. Butcher-gay is a "scene" in itself. A lot of those types are also gay. If they're "too artsy" they might still be "too gay" though But then again I'm thinking about bars, and you said no bars, so I'm not sure if that's helpful at all Well put John B and Vamsi.

Everything is a scene until it fades. The queeny queens seem to survive like roaches and overtake everything: Thanks for more replies and insights, everyone. I didnl;t mean to offend and actually meant to take out the term "butcher gays" as it sounds violent! Also, I am NOT looking for a place that caters only to masculine gay men.

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It would just be kind of cool to know that there was a coffee place that may, just may, have some guys in the same boat on any given day. I don't see anything wrong with that. I went to the parade and, even though I was with gay friends, felt alone in many ways. I can only see so many drag queens. Straight people aren't limited by a few stereotypes. We shouldn't be either. I haven;t used the term "straight acting" for years, but am fine using it now.

Here's what a lot of people don't seem to get: The kind of guys I am attracted to don;t give themselves away by the way they look, act, walk or talk. Sorry if that sounds shitty, but see the 2nd sentence in this paragraph again.

Gay, middle-aged, and lonely as hell

And as for the "irony of the OP" post -- if you;re talking about the leather scene, I'm not that either. Just a regular guy caught between the two worlds. There are tons of us in this huge city. Sounds like a question for Metromix. Isn't Big Chicks pretty popular? I would do a search in Edgewater, I thought I remember reading that Edgewater has a larger gay population than Lakeview. Correct me if i'm wrong? Jeff, I am not talking about the leather scene. See Gary's comment above. Everything is a "scene" until it fades. I used to live in Andersonville Depends on if you are into that.

It didn't matter to me. Oops, I meant Jack And you're married. John B is gay? I know you want to find a guy like you.. May I just suggest to go and find things where you like to go have fun?

Gay Dating groups in Chicago - Meetup

I know I'm not gay, so I may not be understanding your problem correctly, but I just wonder if you go out and explore and find the exciting and fun things out there, what ever they may be, you may find people you can connect with and perhaps that special guy you've been looking for. I don't know if there is one place that will ever be it, but I hope there are many places you would feel comfortable to be you and have fun.

Last I heard, those are the only ways to communicate, unless you possess some homo-telepathic ability which I believe everyone else calls "gaydar. And I'm not being snarky - I just don't understand how you would expect other people to see a guy's inner gayness if you can't either. Sounds like you are looking for the proverbial closet door that has yet to be unhinged. I definitely understand what your worried about, Chicago is definitely a segregated city in many ways, including sticking all the stereotypical gays in one neighborhood, which I'm sure feeds the stereotype continuously.

I never hang out in coffee shops, so I'm not very useful there, I'd just go with Rob's idea in general and live and hang out where you feel most comfortable, and guaranteed other gays with similar interests will be there. It just won't be as easy as it is for the "regular" guys; I understand that because I've never fit in with the "regular" straight people, and it took me 26 years to even find someone I could be with for more than a few months.

Patience is key, but I hope you find someone for whatever you're looking for quickly! Not to say the stereotypical gays can't be fun Or whatever I need to say so you don't think I'm being mean. My brain is boiling. And I use the word "gays" in a way that makes me giggle. Kind of like "the blacks". Ok I'm done for now.

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